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Zakk Moreno

1st Degree Black Belt

Meet Our Instructors

Chris Mesman

2nd Degree Black Belt

Robert Lee

3rd Degree Black Belt

Caudill's  ATA

Here at Caudill's ATA Black Belt Academy, we have some of the best and brightest instructors to help you and your family in the most personal and professional manner. On this page are our current staff.

Jennifer Hoover

3rd Degree Black Belt

Black Belt Academy

Ken May

3rd Degree Black Belt

Master Suzanne Caudill

Black Belt, 6th Degree

​Master Caudill has been involved in martial arts training for 30+ years. A 6th Degree Black Belt, she has been the chief instructor at Caudill's ATA Black Belt Academy since 1986. As a former preschool teacher, she specializes in working with the Tiny Tiger (4-6 year olds) and Karate Kids (7-13 year olds).

As a member of the tournament circuit for many years, Master Caudill was ranked in the Top Ten in the United States 10 years in a row with numerous State Championships in various divisions.

Master Caudill is certified in SHARP Women's Self Defense, single Ssahng Joel Bong (Nunchucka), single and double Bahng Mahng EE (Escrima Stick), Ssahng Nat (Kama), mid and long range Jahng Bong (Bo Staff), Jee Pahng EE (Cane), and Sam Dan Bong (3 Section Staff).

Master Caudill has found that martial arts training has helped in all aspects of her life and is very eager to pass on her knowledge to other students.